Point Leaders - 2nd Quarter 2018
1 T. Strassman 130
2 S. Peel 110
3 Mary Mancuso 110
4 Keith House 70
5 Ej Hulse 55
6 Greg Lepera 50
7 Biz Johnson 50
8 C. Williamson 50
9 I. Miranda 45
10 Sonny Mistina 45



All players must agree and adhere to the rules and regulations as published by Orlando Hold’Em Corporation. Any player found to be in violation of rules and regulations will be penalized up to but not excluding being banned from all Orlando Hold ‘Em events forever.

•All participants must be 21 years of age and must have valid photo identification.

•Orlando Hold ‘Em, its employees, tournament directors and dealers are the hosts and official judges of all Orlando Hold ‘Em events. The decisions made by the above, regarding all Orlando Hold ‘Em events and tournament play, are final.

•All Orlando Hold ‘Em tournament events are No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments.

•Orlando Hold ‘Em uses a Big Blind/Small Blind format. The Small Blind is posted by the player sitting immediately left of the dealer. The Big Blind is posted by the player sitting immediately left of the Small Blind. The Big Blind is always double the small blind.

•The minimum bet at any time is the Big Blind.

•If a player wishes to raise once the minimum bet has been established, that player must raise at least the amount of the Small Blind.

•If the player in the Small Blind position is eliminated, the dealer button will be placed in the empty seat and blinds will be posted as stated above. If the player in the Big Blind position is eliminated, the Small Blind position is dead and only the Big Blind will be posted.

•Tournament play will continue until one player has won all of the chips. •There are 4 levels of tournament play: Weekly events (held Sundays-Thursdays), monthly events, quarterly events and “The Big Dance” annual showdown. Anyone can play weekly events, but all other events are by invite only based on top finishers at qualifying events. (See “The Big Dance” – Qualifiers)

•Players who qualify for any one monthly, quarterly or annual tournament more than once will only be awarded one seat per event, however, will receive additional starting chips for each qualification up to 2 for monthly, 3 for quarterly events and 4 for “The Big Dance.

” •Should a split pot that cannot be divided evenly occur, the first player to the left of the dealer that was in the hand will be awarded the extra chip. •When a player is eliminated from the tournament, he/she must immediately leave the table.

•If more than one player is eliminated in one hand, the player who started the hand with the most chips will be awarded the higher finishing position.

•Players’ chips must remain on the table at all times unless players are asked to move to another table. Players’ cards must remain above the table top and visible at all times.

•Players are not allowed to seek the advice on how to play a hand from anyone else during tournament play. This includes other players at the table and/or spectators.

•Cell phone use is prohibited during tournament play.

•All prizes advertised by Orlando Hold ‘Em Corporation are subject to change without notice.

•NO GAMBLING is permitted or will be tolerated at any Orlando Hold ‘Em event. No side bets, no cash bets etc…of any kind will be allowed. Any player found in violation of the rule will be banned from all Orlando Hold ‘Em events forever, no exceptions.

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